Meet the Press

holdridge Jefferson Holdridge

Director and Editor

Jeff received his doctorate at University College Dublin and is the Press’s Director and Editor. He is also Associate Professor of English at Wake Forest, specializing in Irish literature. He and his wife Wanda Balzano live close to the WFU campus with their young daughter Sofia.



Dillon JohnstonDillon Johnston

Founder and Advising Editor

Supported by the administration at Wake Forest, Dillon established the Press in 1976 to bring the best contemporary Irish poetry to North American readers. Dillon retired from Wake Forest in 2003, but remains our valued Advising Editor. He lives in St. Louis with his wife (and former WFUP manager) Guinn Batten, where they both teach at Washington University.


c jones

Candide Jones

Assistant Director and Manager

Candide is Assistant Director and manages the Press. Candide has been with the Press since 1990, and has a Master’s Degree in English from Wake Forest.




Spring 2014 Interns

Maura Connolly, Mike Dempsey, Nicole Fitzpatrick, Julie Huggins, Sophie Leveque, and Amanda Rousseau.


bibi1For fourteen years, our head intern was Bibi, who kept the office happy with lots of love and licks. We remember her most fondly.