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Vona Groarke: Spindrift (USED)


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Spindrift (paperback) (used)Poetry Book Society recommendation; Shortlisted for the Irish Times Poetry Now Award

Spindrift (paperback) (used)
Nominated for the 2010
 Irish Times Poetry Now Award, Vona Groarke’s fifth collection Spindrift catches the ruffed and pearled spray of vintage words from the real and virtual worlds of America, England, and Ireland. If there is silence and the echo of loss and misunderstanding, there are also songs of piercing celebration. Spindrift examines the haunting ache of passionate family ties, and offers a meditation on inland places and the inner life. With her celebrated subtlety of detail, Groarke evokes great emotional intensity, creating a volume to be listened to and prized.

“So let me get out of the way straight off that her, what, fifth book now since 1994 reminds us (me) again how much VG has been one of the small few making any kind of a difference in poetry from Ireland these days. … there is also a quality of closeness-to-the-bone, of an insistence on this, on a this here and only this which manages at the same time to be so much more, that is new, arresting and moving.” georgiasam

With their brilliant mix of grace, good humour and a kind of compassionate common sense, her poems provide both pleasure and revelation. –Eamon Grennan, The Irish Times

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