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A WFU Easter

My first Easter away from home. My pink basket and plastic grass have been replaced with a cardboard box and styrofoam peanuts. Instead of a family mass I will be attending a friend mass. And Easter ham will probably be replaced by Pit pizza. But not everything has to change! I can still have an Easter egg hunt on the quad. I already bought a cute new Easter Sunday dress. My parents sent me some Easter candy, and I look forward to making a potluck Easter breakfast in the dorm. Easter is Easter, no matter where you are.

Over in Ireland they will be celebrating Easter as well. Different country, different continent, same holiday. It’s just like poetry.  Sometimes when I’m proofing our beautiful poems, I forget that they were written in another part of the world. And then we get mail to send to send to our poets and I realize I’m sending it across the ocean, not just across the state.  Poetry is something everyone can relate to, regardless of ethnicity or language. I’m reading the same poems in North Carolina as someone else is in Dublin. If we ever happened to meet, we could discuss the merit of Michael Longley, or the prose of Medbh McGuckian. Despite living thousands of miles apart, we might even share some of the same opinions.

Compared to Ireland, home isn’t so far away after all.


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  1. jemajo says:

    I enjoyed reading your posts- what a long way from home you are! Good luck with your school endeavors.


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