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Wake: Up to Poetry

"The act of poetry is a rebel act."

Georgia On My Mind

When I think of Georgia, I think of peaches, sunshine, and southern belles.  Shamrocks and leprechauns do not come to mind.  But this evening through Saturday, Southern Georgia University is hosting the southern sector of the American Conference for Irish Studies.  Live Irish music, local pub gatherings, and a pair of Keynote Addresses break up various meetings throughout the conference.  And as if that wasn’t enough Irish, Savannah is conveniently hosting their 19th annual Irish Festival Friday through Sunday.  Arts and crafts, folk dance lessons, and cultural discussions are contributing to making Georgia a little less southern, and a little more Irish. Candide is lucky enough to be headed down later today to attend the A.C.I.S.  We can only hope she will find time to sneak away to the Festival and return with some new dance moves to share with us. -Maura

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