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Hard work pays off

It is such a great feeling to be recognized for your hard work.

Much to our excitement, The Antioch Reviewfeatured a great review of the Wake Forest Press edition of My Love Has Fared Inland in their spring 2011 issue! Though many of our volumes of poetry are reviewed, this one stands apart because not only does it praise McGuckian’s poetry, but it also mentions both the press and the interns!

“Jordan Smith from The Antioch Review writes, “Consider the cover of Medbh McGuckian’s new collection, My Love Has Fared Inland, where thirty-six images (“many by Wake Forest University Students”) alluding to the imagery of the poems appear in a different arrangement on the front and the back of the book, each thumbnail striking in itself, the whole suggesting so compellingly that the visual might be offered in dialogue with the written that it is tempting to imagine joining in the project” (The Antioch Review).

The collecting of those thirty-six images was a very large project that all of us interns worked on last spring. It was really important to us that the images we chose for the cover truly reflected McGuckian’s beautiful imagery. It feels pretty wonderful to hear that the hard work we put into contacting photographers and collecting images paid off and ended up being a success!
Of course the validation of what we already know here at the press, that McGuckian is a talented poet, is the most important aspect of the review. But who doesn’t want a little recognition once in a while?

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