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Imagine Ireland

As I know most of you know, the Women’s Anthology Tour is approaching quickly. The tour is sponsored in part by Imagine Ireland, which I knew next to nothing about until i decided to Google it. What I found was pretty cool and definitely interesting. Here’s the summation of what it is, taken from their website www.imagineireland.ie:


Ireland. It’s only an ocean away. And the ocean is nothing when you stand on the bedrock that has connected Ireland and the United States for well over a century. That bedrock is cultural; it is comprised of the way we think, the way we imagine, the way we create.

This bedrock is the foundation upon which Imagine Ireland, Culture Ireland’s year-long celebration of Irish arts in the United States in 2011, is built. Working with presenters and producers across the US, and with Irish artists and ensembles across artforms, Imagine Ireland brings to American audiences a wealth of contemporary creators and a calendar of culture which will reshape and reinvigorate notions of Ireland, what it means to be Irish and the potential for Ireland into the future.”

After exploring Imagine Ireland via their website, I’m so proud and excited that we’re supporting them and contributing what we can.

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