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Wake Forest
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Wake Forest University Press

Dedicated to Irish Poetry

Wake: Up to Poetry

"The act of poetry is a rebel act."

My North Carolinian Assimilation

Returning for another year at Wake Forest, it is amusing to look back on my naivety from last year. Being from the North, there were numerous words, phrases, activities, and places that I had never heard of.  At the end of the year, I felt as though I had successfully assimilated myself into my new surroundings. After a summer back home, words resorted back to their original meanings, and only now that I am back am I reincorporating their North Carolinian significance into my brain bank.  For example, here “Cookout” does not necessarily imply hot dogs and hamburgers, but often is a source of awesome milkshakes. To “shag” means to literally dance, as opposed to doing the dance in bed. “Buggies” are shopping carts, not a cute name for insects. “Grits” are a noun, as well as a verb. And while I’m in NC, the “Press” is a place where Irish Poetry is published, as opposed to my previous knowledge of it as a kinder term for paparazzi.


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