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Slogging through the blogs

This week I’ve been doing some research on new places for poetry reviews. With the quick fade of book review sections (and newspapers on the whole), we want to know, where do people look for book reviews now? My findings so far have been rather interesting.

Online journals and literary magazines are popular and seem to be the most natural transition from newspapers. However, I’ve had the most fun looking at various blogs that publish reviews. Everyone from poets, writers and professors to graduate students to random guys down the block have taken to reviewing poetry in their own little corners of the internet. One blogger I read expressed his astonishment that his summer blogging project started gaining attention from publishers who subsequently started sending him copies of books to review!

This makes me wonder about what makes us want to read a new book. Sure, we all take recommendations from our friends, but when we read a review, don’t we want to be from someone whose opinion we can trust? Many blogs I have come across don’t forthrightly tell you who’s doing the reviewing. The Constant Critic, for example, organizes reviews by author name, but doesn’t provide author bios on the site. I had to take the extra step and Google these reviewers before finding out that they are all poets and writers themselves.

The Constant Critic

Maybe reviews simply speak for themselves now. If it’s well-written and thoughtful, can we trust the reviewer’s opinion? These are things we have to think about as a press in order to determine the best reviews to use to promote our books.
In the meantime, it’s great to see individuals out there who care enough about poetry to perpetuate the love of the craft.
-Amanda Keith

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