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The Question of E-Publishing

Over the past few weeks, our press has been researching new and (for us) largely unexplored markets. Like many publishers, we want to jump into the e-book game and start selling our content on numerous market places for nearly all devices.

We do sell a few books in .pdf form via our Wake Forest University digital publishing program, (see http://digitalpublishing.wfu.edu/wfupebooks ). We particularly like the fact that, as .pdfs, the margins and formatting of poetry–always a major issue–are respected. We do , however, want to publish in other formats, as well.

We’ve looked into different services and options for e-book creation, design, and conversion, trying to figure out which is best suited for us.

Going from an InDesign file to an EPub, similar to the process of larger publishers, was ruled out fairly quickly; we would also need pretty advanced technological minds to make the e-book function correctly. Specifically, we don’t have the scripting capability to fix all of the errors that could come up. We don’t have the man-or woman-power, in general.

We also looked at Kindle Direct, and while it looks to be an option for .mobi publishing, we need something that will allow us to jump into other markets, like the Nook.

Through research, we discovered some e-book designers that, for a fee, would create the e-book that could then be distributed to other websites. We liked the options 52Novels.com offered for e-book creation, but their prices were a bit high. Furthermore, we already have clean Word manuscripts, and don’t need someone to go through our documents for a fee.

Which leads to the last, and probably best, option, at least that we’ve seen thus far. A lot of small independent presses use Smashwords to create e-books. The style guide seems easy to understand. Fellow publishers appear to be pleased with the result, and the publisher option on Smashwords is hard to ignore. Hopefully, with a little more research into what they need from a Word document, we can get our first non-.pdf e-book created.

So far, we haven’t figured out if Smashwords distributes to Amazon. Also, we are worried that Smashwords won’t be able to properly format poetry.

What do you think? Any great e-book creation sites that we missed? Anything we should look into? Do you know if Smashwords distributes to Amazon? Let us know.

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