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Why Poetry Readers Can Save A Bookstore

This week at the press, we have been reading Janaka Stucky’s article “How to Survive in the Age of Amazon,” from Poetry Foundation, about the correct way for independent bookstores to compete against the ever-present driving force known as Amazon. The article suggests that these bookstores need to forget about competing against Amazon and focus on promoting a love of books and reading in the stores. This involves offering staff picks, hosting author readings, and being enthusiastic about stocking poetry. While catering to a poetry reader might not seem to be the best strategy for a business, what owners tend to forget is that poetry readers tend to be the type of people who will shop at independent bookstores. To survive against Amazon booksellers need these people’s business.
At the press we want to encourage those who wish to buy our books to buy from your local bookstore. Bookstores have become a dying breed, but they don’t have to be. They can survive for a long time as long as there are people who have a passion for reading and a store that welcomes and encourages that passion.

-Kelly and Elizabeth

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