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An Education

One of the great things about being an intern at the Wake Forest University Press, is that there is always something new to learn. Just when you can’t handle proofing another manuscript a new and exciting task arises. Whether it deals with our new explorations into social media, learning to take orders or researching poetry blogs, we are lucky that even as lowly interns we are given the opportunity to learn about all sides of a poetry press.

The new adventure that occurred today involved reading and learning about contracts. Candide received a new one in the mail today and decided that it would be a great way for us to learn something new. As a English major and Journalism minor I tend to lean towards the editorial activities, such as proofing and creating the newsletter, but it is a good experience for me to also learn about the business side of a press. My businessman father would be proud…though this is probably about as close as I am going to get to the corporate world.

The contract was from Bloodaxe Books regarding a book by Brendan Kennelly and edited by Terence Brown and Michael Longley. Though only a couple of pages, my normal speedy reading pace would not suffice when trying to both decipher the foreign terms and understand the many topics discussed throughout the document. Yes the language may be a bit dry for my liking, but it was very interesting to learn about how royalties work and differ from one contract to another. There are so many pieces of information within the three page document that, though easy to glance over, can make a huge difference in the circumstances regarding the publication of a book.

Needless to say I got quite an education today. I never knew that three seemingly simple pieces of paper could detail such important information! Good thing we have all developed an eye for detail due to reading so many manuscripts, because every detail of a contract counts!


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