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Wake: Up to Poetry

"The act of poetry is a rebel act."

E-Poetry Research

My first task as a Wake Forest University Press intern was to venture into the realm of electronic books and determine what kind of effect this giant new trend would have on our tiny traditional press. I did a little research, checking out online bookstores to see which offered e-books, who published those e-books they offered, and whether or not any poetry was included in their e-book selections. We decided to email some of the publishers about their experience with this new technology, to potentially assist us with making our critical decision that looms in the future. Here is a snippet of our correspondence:

What is your demographic market for ebook poetry sales? 

  • “General trade. The market for poetry, as you may know, is miserable.”

Are you pleased with your poetry ebook sales? 

  • “In general, we are very pleased with our e-book sales!”
  • “The market for e-books of any kind has yet to establish itself, except for mass-market bestseller titles. These of been the key to the success of the Kindle.”

Are you planning on expanding your poetry e-publishing? 

  • “Since we sell so little poetry, we are not planning on expanding it at this time.”
  • “We strive to publish everything that we are able to electronically, whatever the discipline; and we are constantly working on expanding our electronic offerings of old and new titles.”

by: Maura Connolly

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