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Wake: Up to Poetry

"The act of poetry is a rebel act."

A Storm of Hope

Today, the Press is a bit chaotic.

With Candide having just returned from the second stop of the poetry tour in Chicago, there’s no shortage on tasks that need to accomplished–orders to be sent, missing keys to be found, books to be gotten out of storage, etc. These are my favorite days in the press, though, when everyone’s running around and the UPS man is on speed dial. These are the days when I’m sure that e-books are not going to win the war, because how could they, when we have 5 orders for printed books that have sold so much that we need to go get more out of storage? Days like this give me hope that there’s a chance for paper books and for small presses such as our own. Too bad that it’s also days like this that Bibi resorts to hiding under Candide’s desk to avoid being trampled!


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