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Wake: Up to Poetry

"The act of poetry is a rebel act."

A Technological Struggle

Today I read several articles on poetry presses’ struggle to convert to e-books. Publishers have found that in the conversion process lines get broken up, stanza spaces are ignored, and commas get lost. Considering poetry is built around commas and spaces, these are fatal mistakes. Without a solution to these problems, many presses are simply waiting for technology to catch up until they can flawlessly publish poems. The question is whether poetry presses can afford to wait.  E-books’ popularity is steadily increasing, with or without available poetry. Right now it appears to be a lose-lose for poetry. But since when has publishing poetry ever been an winning business? It’s a business based on love, not money. Whether we fight, or wait, we are not giving up on poetry. This is not Fahrenheit 451. Books are still alive and poetry will never die.

Just remember the Native Americans; they didn’t have E-books OR paper books. But they still had poetry.


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