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Back to reality…

After a week gallivanting around the gorgeous Caribbean on a 7 day cruise(with another Wake Forest Press intern!), spring break is over. Though I was entertaining fantasies of permanently living in such a beautiful place, yesterday I reluctantly returned to Winston-Salem. Though leaving blue waters and constant sunshine had much influence on my lack of enthusiasm to return to Wake, another factor is the knowledge of the impending dose of reality that I would be hit with once I stepped foot on campus. One look at my agenda and the peace of mind I had acquired during my 7 day escape from college life disappeared.
This reality check also occurred when all of the interns arrived at the press today. Though for a week thoughts of the anthology were not in the forefront of our minds, but it was still waiting for us when we returned today. As always, it was great to see Candide and the other interns, but work had to be done and we all got right down to business. Though I can’t say it was easy to jump right back into the swing of things today, it was nice to be back in our little intern corner in the basement of Tribble. Plus, I know it will be so rewarding when all of our hard work on the anthology pays off with a great finished product!

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