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Wake: Up to Poetry

"The act of poetry is a rebel act."

Change of Scenery

On days like today, I really appreciate the North Carolina weather. It is a brisk and gorgeously sunny day, and students can be found out on the quad studying, playing Frisbee, and generally taking advantage of the weather. North Carolina is not the only place known for its beauty, though. Today at the Press, while doing my normal moseying through our shelves of books, I came across Rachel Giese’s The Donegal Pictures. Sure, I’d seen it before, but today the cover caught my eye, and upon picking it up, I was awed by the absolute loveliness of the contents. The pictures illustrate everyday life, landscapes, and other elements of Ireland, and with every page came the whisper “Come visit me!” The pictures are in black and white, which lend a romantic and haunting quality to some of the landscapes, while in other pictures it serves to highlight the joy and beauty of the native Irishmen’s faces. While I definitely enjoy North Carolina and love my native Florida home, I would love to spend time in Ireland and see these beautiful scenes for myself!

-Amanda R-

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