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Changing weather, changing times

Still looks a bit like winter, but it feels like spring!

The weather is beginning to warm up outside, which makes it hard for us interns to be content sitting in our little bomb shelter in the basement (as much as we love it here)! I love winter, but I always look forward to seeing the first new grass coming up in my lawn and the first bulb shoots poking out of the mulch. In winter, I hunker down inside and get lots of work done, usually organizing the piles of books and paper that build over the holidays. In spring, I tend to look for new things to do and think about. Something about being able to open up windows and let the sun stream into my house makes me think more creatively.

For similar reasons, I think this is a great time of year for Jeff and Candide to be at the Tools of Change conference this week investigating issues around e-books and the future of publishing. I must say, as a new intern to Wake Forest Press and as someone hoping to enter the publishing biz as a young professional very soon, I’m extremely jealous! This is a great time to be around other creative thinkers in the publishing industry, coming up with ideas to keep Wake Forest Press current. Poetry presents a specific challenge when it comes to converting to e-formats, but progress is definitely being made within the technology. It is easy to think that the end of real books as near, but I am energized by the discussion happening in the publishing world. We’re all excited to hear what Jeff and Candide learn at the conference and how they think we can apply it at WFU Press.

How much longer will we have real books on our bookshelves?

Here’s hoping that spring will be here soon!

-Amanda Keith

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