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Wake: Up to Poetry

"The act of poetry is a rebel act."

Christmas in September

Opening a new book is comparable to opening the best present under the tree Christmas morning. Ripping off the saran wrap is no less exciting than ripping off wrapping paper, regardless of its transparency.  The smell, the feel, the look of a new book excites the senses before it is even cracked opened.  Once opened, each page is an additional present in itself. The words lay there looking pretty, waiting to tell their story and be loved. Every page of poetry deserves its own shiny red ribbon.
This afternoon I walked in on Christmas in the Press.  Boxes upon boxes of our brand new Women’s Anthology greeted me in the intern corner.  Opening my very own copy made me feel as though I should check outside for snow or sleigh tracks. But the sun still shines, reassuring me it’s just another day at the Press.


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