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Competition for the Ipad in 2011?

New York Times  now has a page dedicated solely to the tablet, which was predicted to virtually take over in 2010. Funny enough, the TOC conference (and several other reputable tech publishing sources) affirmed that the iPad had indeed created its own new business model with its own very large market. NYT thinks differently, hoping for the tablet to rise to its full potential in 2011. Just think, now we think primarily of the iPad and Kindle (and maybe the Nook) as the big players in the world of digital publishing. What if there was a level of 10 major players instead of just 2 or 3? Would the technology develop faster, making it more user-friendly (and perhaps affordable) to consumers? This could be interesting. Check out all of the big releases and upgrades scheduled for 2011. Maybe all e-readers will adopt the same formatting software for uploading ebooks (like how the iPad has a Kindle app). And maybe we could subscribe to magazines at the same price (or lower) than the print copies. Competition is good. Buckle up, iPad — you’re about to have a run for your money.
-Hannah Kay
*Photo and article from New York Times.

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