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Wake Forest
University Press

Wake Forest University Press

Dedicated to Irish Poetry

Wake: Up to Poetry

"The act of poetry is a rebel act."


A lack of food makes me cranky. I suffer from an extreme lack of energy and am easily defeated by any task assigned to me. Food makes it all better though. It is physical happiness and energy. We love food here at the Press. One of the easiest, yet hardest, questions asked of us interns (at least for me) thus far was what kind of food should we serve at the poetry reading? The easy answer is anything- when I’m starving I’ll eat whatever’s placed in front of me. However, when asked to get specific the question takes on a new level of difficulty.  How can I choose just a few items? It’s like being asked to pick a favorite child. Food in general is my favorite. If I have to narrow it down, all I can think about is what’s getting left out. I’d rather be a fair parent and serve everything.  I know that’s not possible though so my fellow interns and I brainstormed together to come up with food that we believe best represents the student body’s interests. This way our babies that didn’t make the cut won’t take it as my personal decision. And I still get to eat.


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