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Diving into the realm of graphic design

Here at the press, we send out a seasonal newsletter to all of our faithful supporters. As spring is quickly approaching, a few interns and myself have shifted gears from the constant task of proofreading manuscripts for the upcoming anthology to preparing graphics and content for the Spring 2011 Newsletter. Though I am efficient with the iPhone and admit that I rely heavily on my smart phone and laptop for much of my information, I would not call myself “tech savvy.” I am especially out of my league when it comes to graphic design tools. Seeing as a choose to intern at a press, I obviously appreciate books more than the average 20 year old. Therefore, I struggled through the development of the fall and winter newsletters this past year, relying heavily on trial and error as my method of learning how to use Photoshop and publisher. But thanks to my newsletter side kick and fellow intern Caroline, and much of effort, the two of us managed to create a newsletter that looked pretty great. However, we also knew that a more efficient system needed to be developed.

Enter Ashleigh DePietro. Together Ashleigh and I have made it our mission to make the development process of the newsletter easier and less time consuming. We have currently been going through each task involved in the creation of the newsletter, to find out the most quick and effective way to get the job done. Once we figure that out, we are creating a new set of instructions for future WFU press interns.

The good news is that we have made great progress! Here is an image of the header we created for the spring newsletters:

We are so excited to have a more efficient way to deal with graphics like this header, which will hopefully allow us to be more creative in the future! The image may look simple, but Photoshop can be pretty confusing to a newbie like me, so I am proud to say I have partially conquered the scary world of editing graphics.

-Alyssa Walter

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