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Wake Forest
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Wake: Up to Poetry

"The act of poetry is a rebel act."

Fighting Change

The secret is out.  The Tools of Change Conference videos are all up on YouTube.  People now have the opportunity to discover the fate of books.  Personally, I was not so pleased with what I discovered.  The idea of books disappearing, ever, is not a pleasant one.  I do not own a Kindle, or an iPad, or any other electronic reader.  I do own over a hundred books.  My house is flooded with books: upstairs, downstairs, my room, the bathroom; nowhere is free from paper literature.  The idea that I will be reading to my children off a screen rather than from a book makes me a little depressed. “When I was your age,” I can hear myself saying, “books were made out of paper, not downloaded from a computer.” I can try to explain the perfume of ink, the thrill of turning a page, the concept behind a bookmark, but how much they will understand is anyone’s guess.  The Tools of Change Conference has enlightened us, and in a sense, warned us.  We must prepare to fight the technology that is recruiting thousands of members every day.  We must protect our loved ones. Together, we must resist.  For the books.    -Maura

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