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Wake Forest
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Dedicated to Irish Poetry

Wake: Up to Poetry

"The act of poetry is a rebel act."

From Head to Shelf

I always used to be baffled when I read that an author had started working on a book years before it was published.  Now, working at a press, I am starting to understand, and consequently sympathize with, the author’s excruciating long process of getting a book from their head to the shelves.
The first step is getting words onto paper. Although you could even go back further and argue first the idea must be born or inspired.  Next, the papers must be approved by a publishing company (that’s us!). Then we are awarded the very painful process of proofreading. Proofread after proofread, after proofread. The process is never ending. Just kidding, it ends… after several months.  We at the press must also search for a cover image, send it to a cover designer, and approve the final cover.  Once the pages are all set, including an introduction or forward, we are finally ready to combine the inside with the outside; the books are printed.
This is where we stand now with the Women’s Anthology. The books are printed, but not yet in our hands. And even when they do arrive tomorrow, there is still nearly a month of preparation before they are available to the public. The first people to receive the books are critics and reviewers. Soon we will begin mailing out complimentary copies in return for a glowing review (hopefully).  Not till October 24, the first day of the tour, will our fabulous book be on sale to the public. This is the winning day, the culmination of all our hard work, and the end of one book’s journey.


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