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Wake: Up to Poetry

"The act of poetry is a rebel act."

Getting Down on Friday

It’s finally Friday, a day to relax and celebrate the weekend. Not at the Press. Today we are scheduled to send out our first newsletter of the year. Way easier said than done.  As none of us are computer science majors, dealing with Publisher and other programs is not a fun time. A task that theoretically could be completed with one solve-all button takes the five of us 20 minutes to manually complete. Once we eventually accomplish a task, there are a dozen more facing us, and the charge of sending it out. 15 minutes ago we reached the email emission stage. Jubilantly pressing send, our reward was a notice that there were 27 potential problems with the email. Back to the beginning.
Instead of feeling defeated, we are looking at today as a learning experience. As we make attempts, both successful and unsuccessful, we are learning what works and what fails miserably. Hopefully we will be able to take the same approach when we venture into the scary world of publishing e-books, should we choose to venture. Technology and our Press may not be getting along today, but soon enough we will be the best of friends. I’m sure of it :)

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