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Wake: Up to Poetry

"The act of poetry is a rebel act."

New faces at the Press!

Here at the press, we are so excited to have two new members in our intern corner! Though our little nook in Tribble isn’t exactly high on space, we love having new people and will never turn away enthusiastic workers! So here is an introduction to the newest members of our Irish poetry loving world:

Landon Nobles, a senior political science major, is a new intern who is working on proofing the Women’s Anthology. Currently the only male at the press, Landon is also are designated heavy lifter and handyman. We have him to thank for the installation of our wonderful sky lights!

Our one and only freelance grant writer, Ashleigh De Pietro has so graciously dedicated much of her time to helping us out here at the press. Recently arrived from Atlanta, she has added her wonderful personality to the staff.

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