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Wake: Up to Poetry

"The act of poetry is a rebel act."

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Today, Wake Forest is not the happiest of places. The weather is cold and rainy, without even a glimpse of sunshine, and with spring break about a week away, professors are trying to fight the apathy that students experience when a break is around the corner. This means one thing: midterms. It’s times like these when WFU deserves the common nickname “Work Forest.” I, myself, have  3 midterms tomorrow. While many might think that being an intern at the press just adds stress, we don’t see it that way. For us, the press provides relief and a study break, where we can come and think about things other than Calculus and Biology. With Bibi here and Candide’s constant enthusiasm, the press is a much sunnier place, even amid the hard work we put in every day, including perfecting our new Women’s Anthology, due out in October. We also learned some interesting news today, that the popular Irish band The Chieftains took their name from a story by one of our poets, John Montague, titled “Death of a Chieftain.” So, bummed out by the weather or generally stressed out? Take a tip from us interns and grab some Irish poetry, curl up on the couch, and read your worries away.

-Amanda R-

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