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"The act of poetry is a rebel act."

Spring is finally here!

After some strangely uncharacteristic cold weather, Winston-Salem is finally showing the signs of spring. As spring is my favorite time of the year, I am overjoyed that the possibility of cold and snow is long gone. Plus, any student will agree, that spring is by far the most beautiful and busiest time to be at Wake Forest. With Tulips and Dandelions sprouting galore, the stress of the spring semester can easily be relieved by a quick jaunt around campus.

There is no better time to sit outside and enjoy some Irish poetry. But if you have been swept up in the blogging craze don’t fret, you can get your Irish poetry fix the trendy way. Stephan Burt, a poet, literary critic and professor at Harvard University, has a great poetry blog called “Close calls with Nonsense.” Whether you are a veteran of Irish poetry or just want to get a taste for the genre this is a great resource. So get out in the sunshine and open either you book or your laptop to enjoy the wonders of Irish poetry.


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