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After over a week of not blogging, we’re back! The Winston-Salem stop on the Women’s Anthology Tour has been completed and we can now resume our slightly less hectic lives at the Press.
Having the poets here was incredible. The names we had been writing about and the faces we had been staring at for months during promo work were actually right before us. Not only were we no longer talking about them, but to them. And they talked back!
The interns had the privelage of enjoying a lovely lunch with the four poets the day of the reading; I had the pleasure of sitting with Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin and Leontia Flynn, who spoke of  the islands of Ireland, the puffins of Iceland and the merits of aquariums. Their Irish accents were delightful and surprisingly contagious, as I found myself replying with an accent I didn’t know I owned at times. Weird.
The reading was a very classy affair that was well attended. The Belfast Boys were charming and jovial, and contributed to the homey Irish ambiance, reminding me of family Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations back home. The poets all read with passion and exhibited each of their distinct personalities at the podium.
It was quite the day for us interns, and I am quite jealous of Candide and Jeff, who get to follow the fun to Chicago!

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