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the “flipback:” merging kindle and print?

The Guardian: “Could this new book kill the Kindle?”

we often get too wrapped up trying to classify, to order information. for example: digital versus print publishing has been looked at as a black and white issue. there’s digital, and there’s print. there’s a kindle, and there’s a book. this new little doodad — the “flipback” — is bringing some grey area into the equation. sure, kindle redefines the “page” and “screen” with it’s easy-on-the-eyes backlight and “turnable” pages by attempting to mimic print. but what happens when print tries to imitate the digital?

i read an article this afternoon from the uk’s “guardian” that explores the concept of turning print into marketable, portable product. with success in holland, spain, and france, the “flipback” is coming soon to the uk. in a nutshell, the flipback is a print book with paper-thin pages that’s read flipbook-style. so you turn the pages from down to up, rather than flipping a page from the right to left. each title is only £10, which is a great alternative to the relatively expensive e-reader.

rethinking the publication of the written word as a true merging of print and digital (rather than forcing the print world to play catch-up to the digital) is a whole new concept, and the introduction of the flipback is one of the big pros print has on its side. maybe it’ll make it to the u.s. it’s the top-read book article on “the guardian.” looks like print isn’t the loser after all.

-Hannah Kay

*Photo courtesy of The Guardian

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