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Wake: Up to Poetry

"The act of poetry is a rebel act."


Today I find myself in a strange conundrum, and feeling a bit sheepish.

In previous posts, I’ve stated my stance on the e-book vs. paper book battle, and don’t worry, I’m still pro paper. When it comes to other things, though, I tend to lean more towards the side of technology. Today at the Press, I worked on creating a virtual invitation for our Women’s Anthology Tour stop in Winston-Salem. The website I used allowed me to create a beautiful invitation, on a piece of “parchment paper,” complete with an envelope that the recipient opens with a click of a mouse.

While this was a very fun and convenient process, I feel as though I’ve betrayed my fellow paper book lovers. I still don’t think I’ll be getting a Kindle any time soon, though.

So look for our invitation for the Women’s Anthology tour, with poetry readings, book signings, and tons of fun!


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