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Wake Forest
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Wake Forest University Press

Dedicated to Irish Poetry

Book Club

You are invited to join the Wake Forest Press Book Club!

Members of the Wake Forest Press Book Club automatically receive our newest titles as they are published and enjoy a 20% discount and FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on all titles. Members are the first to know about some of the best contemporary Irish poetry being published!

By joining the Wake Forest Press Book Club, you agree to receive one copy (cloth or paper, your choice) of each book we publish for at least one year (we generally publish 4–6 books per year). There is no subscription fee; your credit card will be charged automatically as our books are published and shipped directly to your door. You’ll receive a 20% discount and FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on all titles, including additional books you wish to purchase at any time. Your membership will automatically renew each year unless you contact us to cancel (though we hope you don’t!).

If you have any further questions, email us at wfupress@wfu.edu and we’ll happily provide more details.

How to Join

It’s easy to join! Please call us to set up your membership. We require some basic information and payment details, and after you’ve joined, we’ll automatically begin sending our new books to you. If you’d like to order any additional copies, or any of our other books you may have missed, you can contact us via email or phone to receive your discount and free shipping.

Phone: 336.758.5448
Email: wfupress@wfu.edu

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