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Tagged: “Derek Mahon”

Poem of the Week: “Alteration” by David Wheatley

“Alteration,” a poem from David Wheatley’s collection Child Ballad, begins with a meditation on the transience of the self and of time, “the clock hands… / the self-subtracting hours they gave and took.” Written in memory of the poet Derek Mahon (1941–2020), the poem imagines an osprey flying over a “snow-fringed field” as a metaphor…

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Radio Signals: An interview with Leontia Flynn

Leontia Flynn’s The Radio is out this month, so WFU Press interns gathered to ask the poet more about her newest collection. Written in three sections, The Radio explores the boundaries of home and family life from Flynn’s experience caring for her infant child, to coping with her father’s death, to remembering the influence of…

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