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Poem of the Week: “Crows Again” by Frank Ormsby

Crows on a dark fence

Crows Again

‘Too many crows in your poems,
blocking the light.’ I can find
only four but, there and then, for her,
I declare a moratorium on crows,
an on-going crow sabbatical,
forbid crows to come within a hundred yards
of any poem by Frank.

An hour later, there are already six
on the rotten fence, not eighty yards away.
The corner-boys of Crow City will slouch
into the nooks of my next poem,
with an air of owning their place.
‘You might as well try to exclude death as us.
No poem without crows.’

Frank Ormsby, from The Darkness of Snow (2017)

Read more in our interview with Ormsby, where he discusses the unnamed speaker in this poem whom he calls his “anti-muse.”

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