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Poem of the Week: from “In Whose Blent Air All Our Compulsions Meet” by Alan Gillis

.Alan Gillis’s latest collection, Scapegoat and Other Poems, releases tomorrow, October 1st. This volume is a compendium of poems written from 2000 to 2014. Dark humor, pop culture references, and natural imagery of the Irish landscape mark Scapegoat, in conjunction with highly textured and playful language. This is Gillis’s first collection to be published in the United States.

from In Whose Blent Air All Our Compulsions Meet

My love is a mansion with many rooms to see.
I’m asbestos.
My love’s a glittering surface, scrubbed spotlessly.
I’m the germ that can withstand Domestos.
My love’s a Penelope rose. I’m the canker.
My love is Independence. I’m the Union.
My love is a passenger and I’m the wanker
sat next to her, eating egg and onion
sandwiches, saying ‘I’m no right-winger, but …’
My love is a peach. I’m its hard nut.
My love’s an open threshold. I’m the dark within the door.
My love is untouched land. I’m a shovel. Go dig.
My love’s a high-minded principle. I’m its war.
Come to think of it, my love is a prig.

Alan GillisScapegoat and Other Poems (2016)

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