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Here’s how you feel about e-books

Happy New Year, poetry readers! We had a busy holiday season, and we’re looking forward to what 2015 may bring. Right away, we’re preparing to attend the Digital Book World conference in New York next week to learn more about how we can continue to adapt to an increasingly digital publishing climate.

With that priority in mind, we conducted a survey amongst our readers in the last few months to discover how people who read poetry feel about e-books.


Your answers surprised us in some ways, but in other ways, your feelings reflected our own. About half of respondents said that yes, they do read e-books in general, but of that group, only 17% read poetry in e-book format. However, 34% would like to read poetry digitally, but various reasons have held them back.Doyoureadpoetry

The two major concerns you have with digital poetry are reading experience and formatting. Most respondents felt strongly about their preference for physical books—

“Reading poetry is connected with an overall sensory experience.”
“A book of poetry is a thing of intimacy.”
“Poetry is … dense, intense, distilled, special, designed. It looks a certain way. I want to be able to touch it.”

—but some admitted that e-books could certainly make poetry more accessible and available.

News that e-book sales are trending downward is causing debate right now, but it’s clear that digital isn’t going anywhere. For a small publisher like us, the path is clear, if not easy. We need to continue producing quality print books, but work toward giving readers options.

Keep in touch with us next week. We’ll be posting updates here on the blog, on Facebook and Twitter.

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