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It’s Festival Season: A Celebration of Irish Arts and Culture

As we slowly transition into autumn here in the United States, so too does Ireland undergo a seasonal transition — “festival season” that is. Fall in Ireland marks the commencement of a string of events celebrating all things related to Irish art and culture. From the 16-day-long Tiger Dublin Fringe festival currently transforming the city into a mecca for the artistically inclined, to the Dublin Coffee and Tea Festival celebrating the island’s most beloved caffeinated beverages, Ireland comes alive in the fall with the spirit of Irish art, entertainment, and food.

A list of some upcoming events in Ireland can be found here, though we’ve picked out some of our favorites below:

Portumna Shorelines Arts Festival: September 18th-September 21st in Co. Galway

Guinness Cobh Blues Festival: September 19th-September 21st in Co. Cork

Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival: September 25th-September 28th in Co. Galway

If any of our readers are looking to celebrate their Celtic heritage back home in the U.S., a number of upcoming events are occurring around the country. Two of the largest include Bethlehem, Pennsylvania’s Celtic Classic Highland Games taking place September 26th-28th and the Austin Celtic Festival in Texas on October 18th and 19th. At both festivals, attendees can enjoy professional Celtic dancers, musicians and athletes while making sure to join in on the fun themselves. For those over 21, the Celtic Classic Highland Games festivities also include a whiskey tasting and a Guinness pour.

Be it in Ireland or the U.S., at a festival or at home, we hope that you and your families decide to take part in the world-wide celebration of Irish and Celtic culture happening this fall.

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