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Revealing Ciaran Carson’s From Elsewhere Cover

This April, we’ll be releasing the North American edition of Ciaran Carson’s From Elsewhere and we are pleased to reveal the cover design.

In From Elsewhere, Carson translates poems by the French poet Jean Follain and includes his own riffs inspired by these poems. The book’s cover points to Carson’s interest in translation and reflection, with the water mirroring the sky. Not only does the interplay between light and dark set the tone, but also the clouds create a shift between the sky and the water’s reflection of it, just as Carson’s poems offer a shift in view from Follain’s poems. As Carson says in his introduction, “So I find myself in the other of Follain, questing and fetching the poems from another language, from the elsewhere of his territory.”

Though Carson’s riffs differ from Follain’s poems, the connection between the two is still apparent, even if only in their titles. For example, Carson translates the French “Le présent” to the English “The Now,” and the accompanying riff is titled “Then.” The cover also alludes to this connection as the water bridges the strip of land in the distance to the sand in the image’s foreground. From Elsewhere similarly acts as a bridge between Follain’s work and Carson’s, creating a connection not only between the past and the present, but also between the culture, time and place in which the poems were written.

From Elsewhere is available for pre-order on our website and will be released in April 2015.

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