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Publication Day for FROM THERE TO HERE

Today we are thrilled to release From There to Here: Selected Poems and Translations by Ciaran Carson. Starting with his 1976 publication of The New Estate and finishing with the call-and-response translation work in From Elsewhere (2014), Carson guides us through his imaginative landscape in a new selection that includes poems from thirteen volumes written over nearly forty years. 

As the title suggests, these poems move from one place to another, from past to present, all the while revealing Carson’s constantly surprising evolution as a poet. His early work roots itself in explosive long lines, as seen in the noted poem “Belfast Confetti” (the full poem is available on our blog):

—from Belfast Confetti (1989)

In his mid-career books, such as Opera Et Cetera, The Twelfth of Never, and For All We Know, his formal skill shines. These volumes interact with history and literature while playing with form and language in new ways, as in “Juliet”:

—from Opera Et Cetera (1996)

Carson’s most recent volumes stand out for their concentrated forms and intellectual acuity. In poems like “In Memory” (From Elsewhere, 2014), the movement of the short lines shifts our understanding, emphasizing meaning beyond a quick delivery.

From There to Here also gives readers a healthy dose of Carson’s genius translation work in renditions of French poets such as Arthur Rimbaud and Jean Follain. The selection is bookended by translations of 8th- and 9th-century Irish poems.

From There to Here is being released in North America today, October 1st, 2019, and is available for purchase on our website. If you’re interested in more information about Ciaran Carson, visit our YouTube channel and Pinterest link collection.

From There to Here

ISBN 978-1-930630-88-8
$18.95, paperback

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