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Happy Belated Birthday Conor O’Callaghan

“I toast my new age. I drink its tongue-roll, its wheel-whirr, on the road to Montecarlo. Quarantaquattro, quarantaquattro, quarantaquattro …”

Conor O’Callaghan turned 45 on September 20th. All of us here at Wake Forest University Press toast Conor as he embarks on quarantecinque. The quote above is from The Pearl Works, a collection of 52 tweets that Conor published for every week of 2012. This project  is included in Conor’s new book The Sun King. We are excited to release the American edition later this year.

If you’re curious to read about the mix of 21st century themes and Irish identity that go into Conor’s work check out this article here.

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