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Wake: Up to Poetry

"The act of poetry is a rebel act."

WFU Press interns make the most of it!

Wake Forest is back for the fall semester, but of course, this is a semester unlike any other. Though our current crop of interns is virtual, they’re determined to make the most of their time at the press. We have two returnees and two new interns, all of whom will graduate this year. We asked each to tell us what interests them about publishing and what they’re most looking forward to learning.

Cassie Ball

Major: English and Religious Studies
Hometown: Beckley, West Virginia

I’m really interested in how the publishing industry changes in response to technological advancements and shifting cultural trends. Before working in publishing, I never considered, for example, how the growth of Amazon in the last decade has impacted small publishers. In this internship, I have learned so much about how marketing trends quickly change and the steps publishers have to take in order to stay relevant to their audiences. I’m most looking forward to reading new poetry this semester! One of my favorite aspects of working at the press is getting the chance to discover great poetry from talented writers I’ve never before read.

Addie Griffin

Major: English, with a Journalism minor
Hometown: Floyd, Virginia 

While this may be a simple and obvious answer, I am interested in publishing because of the vast array of literature that accompanies the job. I am the type of person who can get stuck reading the same literature over and over again. I believe that new literature is incredibly valuable, so working in publishing would allow me to constantly be exposed toe works that I might not come across otherwise. I am most looking forward to exposure to new Irish poets and Irish literature.

Will Limehouse

Major: English, with a Creative Writing minor
Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina

One thing that really interests me about publishing is all of the minute decisions that are made before a book is printed. I love agonizing over possible covers, formatting, and tiny editing decisions to help a collection of poetry come out as perfectly as possible. I’ve always had a great respect for books, so being able to hold a physical copy in my hands that I helped produce brings me great joy and a sense of accomplishment. This semester at the press, I’m excited to proofread and enjoy our new titles, as well as to find creative ways to market the new releases using social media!

Heather McCauley

Major: English and French Studies
Hometown: Chandler, Arizona

I have grown up loving books and knowing that the publishing field was where I wanted to end up. Literature is what I’m passionate about and I love the idea of being able to share that love with other people who buy the published works that I am a part of. I’ms so excited to step into the publishing world. I know that it is going to look a little different this semester, but I am looking forward to meeting the people of WFU Press, connecting with some of the poets, and working with the texts to gain a better understanding of the process. I’m very interested to get a behind-the-scenes view to see how a book goes from a writer’s thoughts to a physical written work.

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