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Poem of the Week: “Let it Go” by Brendan Kennelly

This time of year is usually devoted to graduation ceremonies, a celebration of taking the next step, whatever that may be. Here’s to the next step. Congratulations to all of the graduates for the year of 2014.

Let it Go

Let it go
Out of reach, out of sight,
Out of the door and the window,

Through the city,
Over the mountains
And the sea.

I do not mean a mere escape,
A deliberate loosening
Of a brutal grip

Like that of church on soul,
Father on son
Or even love on the lover’s beautiful

Surrender to the dear pain,
Or any sin or sickness that could
Swallow a man.

I mean a different thing
Beyond desire to acquire or captivate,
A felt relinquishing

Such as can be seen
When the air yields to the bird
Or the green

Trunk of a tree surrenders
To the tactful advance of moss
Or when the river stirs

Its surface
To accept a drifting stick.
I feel such courtesy

When I let it go
From me to countries
I will never know

And I stand, hoping to discern
Its breath in my heart
At its return.

Brendan Kennelly, from The Essential Brendan Kennelly (2011)

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