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Arts and Culture: O’Reilly Broadside

It’s easy to quickly glance at the image associated with Caitríona O’ Reilly’s poem “Octopus” and see the connection; the image is a direct representation of the title. It all seems pretty standard. However, as I delve deeper into the poem, I find that the illustrated octopus is not only strikingly apt, but is responsible for the poem lingering in my mind long after I’ve finished reading.

As I read the poem again, I picture the thoughtful, almost melancholy looking octopus in the drawing. The picture is eerie, just like the poem. This is not a drawing of a happy octopus, nor does the poem seem to be a particularly jovial depiction of an octopus. Rather O’Reilly’s poem is an expression of one animal’s cycle of life.

– Kelly

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