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Happy Birthday to Michael Hartnett and Poem of the Week

In honor of Michael Hartnett’s birthday, today we feature one of his poems which heralds in the “new days” that assuredly will come to us. It will be a future of love, art, and awareness of the world around us. While Michael Hartnett is no longer with us, his poetry leaves a lasting impression, cause enough for celebration.

‘There will be a talking . . .’

There will be a talking of lovely things,
there will be cognizance of the seasons,
there will be men who know the flights of birds.
In new days there will be love for women:
we will walk the balance of artistry,
and things will have a middle and an end,
and be loved because they are beautiful.
Who in a walk will find a lasting vase
depicting dance and hold it in his hands
and sell it then? No man on the new earth
will barter with malice nor make of stone
a hollowed riddle; for art will be art,
the freak, the rare no longer commonplace.
There will be a going back to the laws.

Michael Hartnett, from Selected & New Poems (1994)

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