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Nuala Ní Dhomhnaíll featured on passport

Ireland revealed its new passport design on Monday, and people are talking.

The majority of the media hype revolves around the borderless map of Ireland on page three. The map’s subtle disregard of Ireland’s political north-south divide in favour of the topographical depiction of the island as a whole is meant to emphasize citizenship over territoriality, a spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs told The Irish Times.

In addition, WFU Press finds it most appropriate that Irish poetry contributes to the official document’s pages. Verses by Nuala Ní Dhomhnaíll, as well as William Butler Yeats and James Orr,  appear in the new passport, which will begin distribution tomorrow. A couple of Ní Dhomhnaíll’s lines written in Irish adorn page six:

“Labhrann gach cuinne den leathinis seo liom ina teanga feinig, teanga a thuigim.”


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