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Ireland has given us many pleasures, poetry and music among them. The only thing better than Irish music or poetry is an Irish poem sung in a song. Irish Folk singer Christy Moore has done just that with the title track off his latest album, “Folk Tale,” written by Irish poet Paula Meehan. Moore tells the story of how his wife was “originally drawn to this piece and brought home a handwritten copy by Paula from an Aida Alliance Auction. It hung on the wall for years. I began trying to sing it each time I passed.” Being so inspired by this piece, Moore finally decided to take action: “One day I rang her and asked if I could try to sing it. It’s a marvellous lyric.” With Meehan’s approval, “Folk Tale” blossomed into a song which evolved into the title of Moore’s album released in October.

Meehan is one of our poets who excels in writing both poems and plays. Moore praises Meehan, “I love her poems, the way her lines flow in our direction. Requests for ‘Folk Tale’ have increased in recent years. Sometimes, so softly, that they are barely audible. Paula gives readings of her poems and collections of her poetry are available, catch her if you can.” This partnership of Moore and Meehan and the resulting wonderful blend of literature and music is one more thing we can thank Ireland for.


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